ODENZ have been supporting New Zealand industries with ODE solenoid and process valves for over 25 years. ODE valves are managing water, oil, chemical, gases, air and steam flows in all NZ industry sectors. Plus making sure we Kiwis get our daily ‘fix’ by supplying valves and pumps to the espresso coffee industry. ODE valves are European made by dedicated people, many of whom still live in the small town of Esino Lario where ODE was founded over 60 years ago. Our valves are available throughout the country via a network of knowledgeable and capable local distributors.

Why is this important?

It's more likely that profit made by companies with foreign ownership or interests will end up overseas. A 100% New Zealand owned and operated business is far more likely to keep and spend their profits right here in New Zealand - and we think that's worth supporting. Every dollar kept in New Zealand helps our economy by improving our health system, building roads, infrastructure and schools etc.